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About Us

Dedicated on Sunday April 11, 2010, this monument is the result of a vision given to Gene Bicknell by our Lord.  That vision specifically outlined how it was to be constructed from top to bottom.  The reaction to this vision was immediate and truly driven by the Holy Spirit. 

The journey to find the appropriate location and placement of this structure took several turns before it ended up in Branson, Mo. The design and blue stone materials were also decided in and through the Holy Spirit.


It is our belief that this place of worship will be blessed by God in such a way that you feel the joy and presence of the Holy Spirit.  When entering the Chapel, we pray that you will feel the presence and be moved by God’s Holy Spirit at work in your life.

At the time of dedication Gene said:  “It has been five years since God gave me the first vision for this project, it has been a labor of love to see it through to completion and I am humbly honored to be chosen to make this structure a reality.”

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